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How to lose weight in winter

Winter is cold, want to eat more things from the cold; in the interior of the time increase, the corresponding contact snack time increased, activity time is less; the winter cold, do not want to adhere to regular exercise; fruit is too cold, saw no appetite; at the end of the year, gathering of friends, eat you won't stop. In short, for a variety of reasons, make the people to a winter is worried -- body fat lap, next year will start to lose weight.

Indeed, the winter has many subjective and objective reasons, make it become the most fattening season. But if we can in this months to control weight, then obesity risk can be greatly reduced; and the winter was the need for more self-control to resist the temptation of food and lazy impulse, therefore, winter diet, should be to stay in shape, weight loss supplement.

But the face of the body from time to time to play, and what to do to keep in shape, or even reduce your weight? Don't worry, experts in winter weight loss of all kinds of difficulties, Qingqing launched winter weight loss strategy, help you lose weight through the winter.

The winter of human gastrointestinal blood for the increase, enhanced digestion and absorption, a good appetite, increase appetite nature, therefore, have become the arch-criminal weight gain in winter. Below, it introduces several methods, to help you live to eat.

1 and food to maintain distance

The first and food to maintain distance, out of sight for the net, certainly wouldn't want to eat something. There are many small skills, such as: get busy, don't miss the snacks; as far as possible in a more local people; not at home reserve snacks, to the supermarket snack area walk around; not fresh food is disposed of; in the kitchen to dining; drink feel hunger, etc.. All in all you do, just don't let the extra food in your line of sight.

2 like a lady to eat like that

Think of the ladies are: how to eat before dinner drink soup; with a small portion of the tray of food, slowly, slowly enjoying every mouthful of food; even the most delicious food can not eat, just dabble; never touch the table scraps, nor no image sit in front of the TV eating snacks ... ... These, are not only the lady's symbol, it is more in control of their eating little secret. Each bite chew 20, can better appreciate the fun to eat, can also make you feel full. Therefore, fast. You eat like wolves and tigers habit, a little change, will shape the slim healthy for you oh.

3 let your diet plan more humane

Of course, a little to eat slowly, and not to say not to eat. Many people make very strict diet plans, and the final insisted down the main reason. Especially in the appetite of the winter, if too much restricted diet, is often caused by physical play. In fact, the winter need to consume more calories, not like the summer that the heat control in low range, can develop more flexible program, also can let oneself not restrained so hard, of course it is important to note, not to say totally open to eat, so that the body will be gaining weight.

Here are some good low card dishes, you can try:

Material: milk, -240ml, fresh cream cheese - - a little, little, broccoli -100 G


1) . Will be boiled broccoli, washed in cold water, drain reserve;

2). With olive oil, milk, cream, cheese pot with fry to dense;

3). The cooked broccoli and practices 2 quick stir-fry click.

Analysis of nutritional components of:

-188 kcal heat -8 grams of protein fat carbohydrate gram -12 grams -12

In addition, don't be too strict deduction of breakfast and lunch. Because it is not only for your daily activities to provide heat, but also at night as well as a meal time will not eat too much secret.

Of course, you also need to learn to use small snacks. Sometimes want to eat snacks and the body need show oh, this time we can have a little snack. Of course, it is best to eat low card things, such as fruit, honey water, low fat and high fibre digestive biscuits. You can be in hunger comes before a little to eat, so as not to eat too much. Drink soup can not only help digestion, appetite, also can let you not so hungry; 4:30 in the afternoon some snacks also contribute to not eat dinner. Of course, too much snacks, as well as just ate a snack, but will stretch your appetite.

4 eat hot things

Winter to eat a big reason, is to maintain the body's heat. Therefore, if eat hot things, not only the body will heat up, also can promote digestion, to accelerate the new supersedes the old. '.

Dinner should pay attention to the temperature of the meal, don't bother, eat hot food, cold food, eat some hot.

Drink plenty of water ( drink heat high, weight loss is the enemy ). Tea is a good idea, not only the stomach, will let the stomach fullness, don't want to eat anything. If you worry about too much to drink green tea will affect sleep, oolong tea and herbal tea is definitely a good choice, the drink would not can't sleep well.

If you dislike the winter fruit too cold, also can cook a pot of delicious fruit soup. The apple pear orange ah ah ah wash into block is placed in the pot can be, but do not cook too long time Oh, hot enough, or nutrition loss.

5 keep the diet of three low high

The so-called three is low, low oil, low salt, low sugar; that is tall, high protein, high in vitamins, high fiber.

Low oil is to eat or not to eat fried foods. Low salt is try to make the light taste, eat less spicy, lest the appetites and hurt taste. Low sugar and no sugar, but to strictly control the ice cream, cake and other high-calorie foods.

High protein is to protect the human body organ nutrient, usually in the diet should be accounted for about 30%, but for people eager to fat, protein can be up to about 60%, but the major uptake is supposed to be a vegetable protein, such as beans. Vitamin can delay the senescence of cells, vegetables and fruit is the main source of the vitamin. Fruit ( apple, orange, watermelon, strawberry ) vegetables ( tomato, cucumber, celery ). Cellulose can help our intestinal peristalsis, help detox, and keep the skin smooth, celery, corn, buckwheat is high fiber food.

6 Farewell pot and supper

During the Spring Festival is a gathering of good friends most frequently when, often going to idle away in seeking pleasure. Best to eat a little before the low fat and high fibre stuff, go after the first drink a bowl of soup, then try to eat fruits and meat. As for those who see the greasy stuff, or touch it, or so much effort on all one's efforts wasted.

The most taboo is swilling chafing dish. Don't look is thrown into the pot. Cook, but a very fat. Let the soup and rinse material on how much oil, to eat HIGH, is really like control are difficult, and that a seemingly delicious meatballs, the highest energy. Can replace you must change this oh.

And supper, it is the enemy of keep fit; if the heat then lower the supper, is used for a long meat, so eat supper before, must think, think, think again.


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