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In the past, especially the female masturbation masturbation have been regarded as sexual perversion, and even many doctors will list all the terrible consequences of masturbation. But with the development of society, the progress of medical science, people finally have a correct understanding of female masturbation: female masturbation does not damage the health, this is not only a healthy and normal sexual behavior, but also can make people ease the tension of a normal sex life, is the best alternative and complementary. Female masturbation is a common physiological phenomenon.

Survey: 95% of women had masturbation

However, most women think masturbation is a shame. Some women denied direct: " I don't have to, my family is not no man! " Some people resist more intense: "why don't you let me how to love it, this also let me tell you how to masturbation easier. "

Online surveys, 300000 netizens attend, of which about 200000 are women, only 12 of women expressed a willingness to share their letter of masturbation, as well as how they treat their own. In this day and age, people to masturbate the acceptance degree of much, but most women 's silence, means for masturbation taboo still exist.

" A person's sexual ", give women a complicated mood. At the age of 41, May admitted at the age of 8, he discovered the secret of masturbation. " I don't listen, my dad put me in the cupboard. I am a person sitting in darkness, fear the clamping body, continuously adjust the posture. In this process, the friction clamping legs, let me feel very comfortable. Shut in the cupboard in the punishment becomes an indescribable pleasure, I both excited and scared. "
Thereafter, as long as the time for, May will try that erupted from deep inside the body. But May said: " every time masturbation, I almost afraid to face their own, I should be such a person. I particularly want to know, is it right? Only a handful of women like me? "

When women masturbation more easily reach a climax

Because of the physiological conditions, women in the natural intercourse can reach the climax of the ratio is only 20%, but 94% of the women can achieve orgasm during masturbation. Thus masturbation can become acquired releasing, the most effective means to alleviate the demand.

As the United States of America female masturbation website a netizen message said: masturbation has become part of my daily routine. Even in a husband and have a fixed life circumstances, I will masturbation.

However, if a woman really want masturbation be the life of the " happy seasoning", still need to pay attention to. The United States of America gynecology doctor often encounter because masturbation by injury or disease cases, the experts to the feminine friend advice: masturbation must pay attention to protect themselves.

Woman masturbation to safety first measures

1, choose a quiet private environment

First of all, masturbation and environment is very important. For example the selection of quiet, not easy to be disturbed or caught secret places, so that on the one hand can not only enhance the pleasure of feeling; on the other hand, also can avoid those conservative, there are the ethical concerns about masturbation women leave the psychological shadow. In addition, like love, when women masturbation see some romantic novels or adult film, to achieve orgasm, arouse sexual excitement will help.

Secondly, because the female physiological structure than the males are more special, masturbation must take health and safety way. The United States of America 's famous " sexual health " web site to promote a healthy life for the purpose, website expert Abby 's point of view, only keep clean, will reduce to a minimum the risk of infection disease. Therefore, no matter how masturbation, hand and pudendal cleaning are very important. Being separated by briefs masturbation habits of women, underwear health is also very important, had better take a shower, put on clean underwear.

2, don't forget to remove the masturbation before ring

In addition to wash your hands clean, and don't forget to remove rings and other jewelry. In addition the nail also don't stay too long, the best short, smooth, so as to avoid scratching vagina. Because of the vagina is very delicate body tissue, mucous membrane is easily hurt, but also easily lead to bacterial infection.

Experts also said : it's hand and nail the barbs also must pay attention to, because the masturbation action, barb may scratch the vaginal wall, the pain may last for several days.

Others have used more special, love will be an instrument is inserted into the vagina for masturbation. In this case, must ensure that the apparatus for cleaning, and the best package to condoms, not only can play the health effect, but also the lubricating effect. In addition, avoid having sharp edges, fragile, or easy to fall in the intravaginal foreign body.

Note that, masturbation habits of women, when found in gynecological disease symptom, must not be ashamed of. Don't have masturbation history, fear, guilt, the delayed discovery of true virulence factors of opportunity.

本文来自: Shanghai Purple Rose Club (www.021meigui.com) 详细出处参考:http://www.021meigui.com/news/776.html

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